Rubber tube - Tips for safe & happy cooking


  • Check rubber tube for cracks
  • Change rubber tube at least once in two years
  • Always replace defective rubber tube with ISI approved tube only
  • Keep rubber tube uncovered and visible
  • If rubber tube is cracked at ends, snip off ends and refix tube
  • While fixing rubber tube, push it over the entire length of the nozzle


  • The rubber tube must not be longer than 1.5m
  • Do not insert rubber tube by applying oil or soap. Use only water for softening
  • Do not pass rubber tube through hole or pipe in the cooking platform
  • Do not place hot objects on the rubber tube
  • Do not place any heavy object on the rubber tube
  • Do not cover tube with a metal jacket
  • Do not cover leakage in rubber tube with plastic bags or cloth


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