Love is the basis of happy life

Love means affection and tender devotion. The secret of happiness is in love. They saying is "love your neighbour as thyself". Everybody wants to be happy. The real happiness is in making others happy. Some people believe that wealth alone can give them happiness. To some others a lot of wealth does not give them happiness. More over wealth acquired in bad ways gives more worry than comfort. Such wealth may give them material comforts.

Happiness is not in one's power to harass others. Power mongers get into politics and thrive in different capacities. But it is certain that such a person will not be happy. A man in power may do many wrong things that deprives him of happiness. To hime material comforts will be in plenty.

Spirityality provide happiness to some who are saints. Some people idulge in intoxicants inorder to escape from the problem in the world. This happiness is superficial and it may be there for a few hours. Of late they will realize that true love is happiness.

Love moves is man's life with all its implications. We can speak about love between a lover and the beloved, between children and parents between brothers and sisters, and finally between man and God. The store house of real happiness is love. The saying is love begets love and hatred begets hatred.

Hatred and jealousy are the two enemical forces of love. They remove peace of mind. Violence results when hatred reaches its peak. It is better to love and achieve happiness that to hate and be unhappy. A man who is inspired by love will have noble feelings such as compassion, sacrifice, sympathy and above all understanding a thing on its merit. The course of true love never runs smooth. He has to take up all the challenges with determination to succeed.

In order to save humanity from wars, killings and detruction, all the nations of the world should start practising the wonderful principle of love. Many ills of society can be averted by the principles of love.