Capital punishment for rapists


Six drunken men were joyriding in a bus last Sunday when they picked up the physiotherapy student and her 28-years-old male companion.

They took turns raping her before throwing the pair off the speeding vehicle.

During her ordeal, the victim was attacked with an iron rod, causing serious intestinal injuries. Six men have since been arrested.

A combination of abusive sexual behavior, a scant fear of the law and India's creaky judicial system encourage such attacks.

The number of rape cases in New Delhi has risen by nearly one-fifth to 661 this year from a year ago, according to government figures, the highest among India's big cities.

Favor of Strict Laws:

Fear of law, there is no fear of law left in criminals so there is need to make strict laws in India which will again establish the respect for law in heart and mind of citizens.

We need even more fearful laws then capital punishment so criminals think twice before such heinous crimes.

Only decent people have any reason to be afraid of the law any more.

If there is, in fact, no protection for the law-abiding, then why should we pay taxes for something we do not get?

All rich people and politicians long ago began to hire private security men who do the job the police once did, but only for them.

Because there is no fear left in criminals for the law. How we can let live such criminals in our society unpunished?

Imprisonment in India is not so tough punishment. Length of the imprisonment should be increased for all such crimes. Just keeping criminals on 2 years or so in jail doesn't change much in them.

Most of them with political connections come out on bail or again join crime full time after coming out of jail. We need drastic change in our law and order system to establish fear of law can be established between criminals. Starting point of this can be capital punishment for the rapists. They deserve it government should do whatever required to give them such punishment.

Against of Strict Laws:

In past 10 years we have executed only 2 people under capital punishment. Even we make such stringent law it wouldn't change much.

Rather than death penalty, swift arrest and fast-tracked trial leading to conviction alone can instill fear of law in people and deter commission of crimes, be it against women or in general.

Decision to give them capital punishment because it is not the right way to deal a crime with another crime. Capital punishment itself is a judicially assisted murder.

Death penalty cannot be a deterrent unless swift and sure delivery of justice can be ensured. In 2011, no investigation was done in 36.6% of recorded instances of rape.

Police should get active now and administrators should empower police to act against criminals.

There are may cities in our country where politicians first helped criminals to grow. And later they have to empower police to curb those criminals. And police successfully curbed crimes in many cities with political support, so real question of political willingness to curb crimes. If you use criminals, to win elections then you will never wanted to wipe them out.

Fast track special courts to deal with sexual crimes, improved justice delivery system and stringent sexual harassment laws.

The conviction rate of rape cases has dropeed from 46% in 1971 to 26% in 2012. So even death penalty is there no once can confidently say that conviction will really take place.


Making only stricter laws would not establish the law and order in our country. But in such special cases government should take strict against guilty and set an example for criminals. We cannot just let go every time by just depending on the existing system. We have to improve our system and empower administration to become a better society.