Science - A blessing or a curse

Science gives us knowledge arranged in an orderly manner. We make observations. We arrive at facts. The facts are tested and results obtained. Man has an enquiring mind. He tries to understand the natural phenomena. In the early days, Man was a slave to Nature. But today he is a master of Nature.

Electricity is the first gift of Science. Many types of machines are run on electricity. Some of our Home appliances like Mixie, Grinder, Iron box etc also run on electricity. At night, we switch on electric lights to illuminate our rooms. In factories, electric power is used.

Medical Science has increased our longevity. The rate of infant deaths has been very much reduced. The discovery of medicines has given us the cure for various infectious diseases like cholera, small pox and Tuberculosis. Certain medicines are used to keep us away from infectious diseases. Diseases like cancer are cured by Radio Active rays. Operation method is followed to remove infectious tumores. Nowadays open-Heart surgery is done using modern science facilities.

Nowadays Travel has become fast, safe and comfortable. Buses, trains, aeroplanes, cars and scooters have contributed to this. A wonderful means of communication is wireless. It is used to send messages over a distance of thousands of kilo meters. One can talk to the other over the telephone in other cities, and in other countries. We have other added advantages with communication satellites like INSAT-IB. Use of machines save the workers energy and provide them leisure. Cinema, television, radio, tape-recorder and VCR are the various means of recreation. They provide us a lot of fun and entertainment. For the welfare of mankind, Atomic energy is being used.

It is so unfortunate that scientific theory of evolution of man kind does not recognise the existence of any God. This attitude of man has made him more materialistic and there cannot be any divine agency enforcing justice. Men have become indifferent and cruel to their fellow brethern. Therefore Science can be used by man either for his welfare or for the destruction of humanity.