Man does not live by bread alone

Every living being has an important feeling to survive. This is more true in the case of man also. Food is very important for all his activities. Starving leads to misery and finally death. I case of shortage of food, only the fittest survive. In order to live, he must procure food. Hunger is the worst suffering for any animal including man.

We cannot except a hungry man to go in for freedom of speech and expression. Nor does he want his right to vote. To read great works of literature is also not possible for a hungry man. He needs food more than anything else. It is man alone who has been endowed with the faculty. He has many storage desires to be fulfilled.

The sense of beauty is very predominant in man. To him a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. There is in him a sense which makes him go after some forms of beauty or the other.

A beautiful bunch of flowers gladdens the heart of every one. Music which is the food for the soul has greater influence in man. A sense of appreciation which one gets on seeing beautiful objects or listening to the melody of the music is great. It has Curing value in patients.

Man, in the infant stage, goes after the parental love and care. True love blesses both the giver and the receiver. Love and jealousy are the qualities inherent in man. In his heart he nourishes love and crushes down, hatred. All religions tell their followers to practice love and avoid hatred and jealousy.

One other quality is curiosity in man. It is an inherent desire to probe into things and its natural phenomena. He is also able to unearth facts under mysterious circumstances. As a result, we have science and technology.

Every man has the urge for creativity. All his creativity offer sense of beauty. Greatest work of art, literature, sculpture and painting are due to the creative urge of man. They are the result fulfilling the creative urge among men of talents. Men of talents even forgo food in order to satisfy their creative urge. Best creative works are from men who are poor.

Therefore it is found that bread forms food for the stomach and there are also, other thirsts inherent in him. Man emerges out as a fully fledged man only when he quenches all other thirsts. To perform this he takes the whole period of his life.