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Know About Tirukoilur

Tirukoilur is a pilgrimage town in Kallakurichi district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. As the name says “koil” (means temple in Tamil language) it is famous for the temples. The Ulagalantha Perumal Temple is located in the centre of the town. The Veerataneshwara Shiva Temple at East Thirukoilur. Tirukkoilur a small town studded with number of temples both Vaishnava and Saivasects, was once a capital of an important chieftain Malayaman of Sangam age datable to 3rd century BCE to 3rd century CE. To corroborate this, a Tamil Brahmi inscription at Jambai (near Tirukkovilur) mentions about the King AthiyamanNedumanAnchi as SathiyaPutoAtiyanNedumanAnjihiIttaPali. MalaiyamanTirumudikkari was the illustrious ruler of this dynasty. The Sangam works speak of the invasion of Tirukkoilur and defeat of MalayamanTirumudikkari by NedumanAnji, king of Takadur (modern Dharmapuri) who is said to have offered Avvaiyar, the celebrated poetess (of that period), a myrobal…

What are the business areas needs in Grid computing?

Life SciencesFinancial servicesHigher EducationEngineering ServicesGovernmentCollaborative games

Few tips to save cooking gas

Reduce flame when boiling startsUse a pressure cookerSoak cereals in water, well before cookingPlan your meals. Avoid frequent re-heating of foodCook with minimum quantity of waterAllow frozen food to reach room temperature before cookingUse wide, shallow vessels for cookingKeep all cooking ingredients ready before you start cookingUse small burner more oftenClean gas burners regularly

Sunrise - Natural Drawing by Jagadeesh Karthik

Title: Sunrise - Natural Drawing
By: Jagadeesh Karthik
Date: 8th August 2020 Created using crayons and sketch pen.

What are the business benefits in Grid Computing?

Acceleration of implementation time frames in order to intersect with the anticipated business end results. Improved productivity and collaboration of virtual organizations and respective computing and data resources. Allowing widely dispersed departments and business to create virtual organizations to share data and resources.

What is the role of a grid portal?

Grid portal provide capabilities for Grid Computing resource authentication, remote resource access, scheduling capabilities, and monitoring status information.

What is View Definition Language (VDL)?

It specifies user views and their mappings to the conceptual schema.

Visual Display Unit (VDU)

The computer can output the information by transmitting the electronic pulse code of characters through a cable to the Visual Display Unit (VDU). The VDU decodes the transmission and displays the appropriate characters on the screen. Most VDUs can receive and display data at speeds upto about 900 characters per second. Latest VDUs are equipped with touch sensitivity. There are graphical VDUs with a colour system and can produce designs which are helpful in several applications. Most of our TV sets can be used as visual display units. CPU can be attached to this TV set, which will act as a computer.

What are computational grids?

A computational grid is hardware and software infrastructure that provides dependable, consistent, pervasive and inexpensive access to high-end computational capabilities.

What is Data Definition Language (DDL)?

A database schema is specified by a set of definitions expressed by a special language called DDL.