General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Updated on 19 September 2020
  1. Which place is famous for silk?

    1. Dubai
    2. Kanchipuram

    Answer: Kanchipuram

  2. Where is the Taj Mahal?

    1. Kanchipuram
    2. Delhi

    Answer: Delhi

  3. How many States are there in India?


  4. How many Union Territories are there in India?


  5. What is the National anthem of India?

    Jana Gana Mana

  6. What is the national flower of India?


  7. Where is Marina Beach?


  8. Which place is famous for Alva?

    1. Tirunelveli
    2. Chennai

    Answer: Tirunelveli

  9. Kanchipuram located in?

    1. Tamilnadu
    2. Mumbai

    Answer: Tamilnadu

  10. What is the national animal of India?

    Bengal Tiger

  11. Chennai is a capital of Tamilnadu.

    1. True
    2. False

    Answer: True

  12. What food is famous in Tamilnadu?


  13. Where is Meenakshi Amman Temple?


  14. Malayalam is a?

    1. Flower
    2. Language

    Answer: Language

  15. Jallikattu festival celebrated in?

    1. Tamilnadu
    2. Goa

    Answer: Tamilnadu

  16. Indian film industry is also known as?

    1. Bollywood
    2. Kollywood

    Answer: Bollywood

  17. When we are celebrating Independence Day?

    1. Aug 15
    2. May 1

    Answer: Aug 15

  18. What is Youtube?

    1. Online Video Sharing Platform
    2. Musical Instrument

    Answer: Online Video Sharing Platform

  19. What is the Primary way to Prevent Infections?

    1. Hand Washing
    2. Hand Writing

    Answer: Hand Washing

  20. Lady superstar of Tamil film industry?


  21. Who is the captain of Chennai T20 Cricket Team from year 2008 to 2020?


  22. ISL (Indian Super League) is related to which game?

    1. Football
    2. Hockey

    Answer: Football


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