10 Tips for Successful Communication

  1. Plan Your Script - It is very important to prepare and plan your script, so that you do not miss any point.
  2. To have an Impressive Start Note - You should always start with a 'quotation' or live examples. Never use abusive language or make insults. One can also start with decent jokes depending on the situations.
  3. Speak Clearly - Do not eat your words or go fast at the end of he sentences.
  4. Speak with Confidence - Speak clearly and confidently. Practice makes a man perfect. Therefore practise to speak, keeping mirror in front of you. This will give you confidence to speak on the stage.
  5. Speak Short Sentences - Speak short or brief sentences. Always speak to the point as it lessens the chances of mistake and saves your time and efforts.
  6. Do not Use Ambiguous Words - Your words should not have double meanings. It should be clear and simple. To have healthy communication, avoid ambiguity.
  7. Be Friendly and Enjoy Yourself - Talk to your audience as friends as it is important to win over them within first few minutes. You should enjoy and believe what you say to make your audience attentive.
  8. Make Eye Contact - You should always look towards your audience while addressing or communicating with them as it helps them to understand what message you want to convey. Eye contact and facial expressions are the vital tools of communication.
  9. Voice Modulation - Modulate your voice while speaking. A good speaker is expected to know where to slow down, raise his pitch or put a stress on a particular point.
  10. End - Once you finish your speech, remain there for a few seconds and then smartly walk back to your seat. End your speech with concluding note e.g. 'Thank you or listening me patiently' or 'Thank you for your precious time', etc.