Formatting date to human readable in PHP

Lets say in MySQL database have a timestamp 2013-09-30 01:16:06 and lets say this variable is $ts.
To show more like September 30th, 2013 follow the examples.

Example 1

$timestamp = "2013-09-30 01:16:06";
echo date("F jS, Y", strtotime($timestamp));

Note the use of S to get the english ordinal suffix for the day.
Since you're already using strtotime if you need a human readable data for the current time you can just use the keyword "now" as in strtotime("now").

Example 2

Use strtotime() to convert that string into a Unix Timestamp, then use the date() function to display it like you want

echo date("F j, Y, g:i a",strtotime($timestamp));
echo date("F d Y",strtotime("2013-09-30 01:16:06"));

Example 3

I do not think that php is even needed there. Check MySQL DATE_FORMAT() function.

SELECT DATE_FORMAT('2013-09-30 01:16:06', '%M %D, %Y %H:%i:%s') as `readable`;

Result: September 30th, 2013 01:16:06

For real usage:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(`date_column`, '%M %D, %Y %H:%i:%s') as `readable`
FROM `your_table`;