Know About Tirukoilur

Tirukoilur is a pilgrimage town in Kallakurichi district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. As the name says “koil” (means temple in Tamil language) it is famous for the temples. The Ulagalantha Perumal Temple is located in the centre of the town. The Veerataneshwara Shiva Temple at East Thirukoilur. Tirukkoilur a small town studded with number of temples both Vaishnava and Saivasects, was once a capital of an important chieftain Malayaman of Sangam age datable to 3rd century BCE to 3rd century CE. To corroborate this, a Tamil Brahmi inscription at Jambai (near Tirukkovilur) mentions about the King AthiyamanNedumanAnchi as SathiyaPutoAtiyanNedumanAnjihiIttaPali. MalaiyamanTirumudikkari was the illustrious ruler of this dynasty. The Sangam works speak of the invasion of Tirukkoilur and defeat of MalayamanTirumudikkari by NedumanAnji, king of Takadur (modern Dharmapuri) who is said to have offered Avvaiyar, the celebrated poetess (of that period), a myrobal…

Write short notes about WS-Resource characteristics.

WS-Resource is a stateful resource that can be used as a data context for a Web service to exchange messages. WS-Resource can be created, identified, and destroyed. A WS-Resource can have lots of identifiers within the same Web service or within different Web services. A stateful WS-Resource type can be associated with a Web service interface definition to allow well-formed queries against the WS-Resource via its service interface, and the status of the stateful WS-Resource can be queried and modified via service message exchanges.

Mention some WS-specifications?

WS-Resource Life timeWS-Resource PropertiesWS-Notification

What is mean by WSRF?

The WSRF is a set of WS specifications. It introduces WS-Resource to model and manage state information in the context of Web services. A stateful resource associated with a Web service is referred as a WS-Resource.

What do you mean by atomicity and aggregation?

Atomicity: Either all actions are carried out or none. Users should not have to worry about the effect of incomplete transactions. DBMS ensures this by undoing the actions of incomplete transactions. Aggregation: A concept which is used to model a relationship between a collection of entities and relationships. It is used when we need to express a relationship among relationships.

What is join dependency and inclusion dependency?

Join Dependency A Join Dependency is generalization of Multivalued dependency. A JD {R1, R2, R3, ..., Rn} is said to hold over a relation R if R1, R2, R3, ..., Rn is a lossless join decomposition of R. There is no set of sound and complete inference rules for JD. Inclusion Dependency An Inclusion Dependency is a statement of the form that some columns of a relation are contained in other columns. A foreign key constraint is an example of inclusion dependency.

What are your contributions in order to meet the goals of your company?

I'm a hard worker with the experience to get things done efficiently. I can contribute my organizational skills and my ability to work well in a group. I have the experience, contacts and knowledge to contribute to the rapid growth of this business. Vision. I'm experienced in the areas this company needs to grow and my ability to plan ahead will help facilitates that growth.

Kitchen - Tips for safe & happy cooking

Do'sKitchen should be well ventilatedUse a cotton apron while cookingDon'tsDo not keep refrigerator in the kitchenDo not have curtains in the kitchenDo not wear nylon clothes while cookingDo not use clothes to lift vessels from the stoveNever leave vessels unattended on a burning gas stove